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I'm Christopher Ellington, brand and portrait photographer. Let's talk!

So yes, I am a photographer based out of Fairfield County Connecticut. What's different is my focus on what I and many others call brand photography. It's a passion of mine that I've had the privilege to share with various individuals and businesses to sell their brand personality visually through a crowded social media sphere. My decade-long professional background as a Creative Art Director in marketing and portrait wedding photographer has led me to this. Maybe I could help you?

Think of it this way; your product, service or skill is what you do. Your brand is what sells what you do. Whether you're a start-up business exec., a blogger, musical artist, personal trainer, actor, pastor, chef, media or entertainment personality, you want to be taken seriously, professionally and passionately. There are many ways to accomplish that, I just so happen to specialize in the visual representation of it. You'll walk away with a series of portraits, creative images suitable for social media teasers, appropriately shot visuals for your website development and marketing material. Interested?

Today weddings have become synonymous with personal branding. What used to be solely about capturing moments has evolved into a proud expression of who a husband and wife is and the life they seek to lead with each other. I think that's a beautiful thing. Allow me to help you immortalize that special day and your marriage through my photography experience.

Self-expression, artistry, marriage union, corporate representation or personal branding for your business. Whatever it is, my desire is to bring the best out of people; to capture a side one never expected to see and help you sell it. It's absolutely priceless to me. 

"Oh, wow that's hot!"
"Who's that good looking person? Is that me?"
"This is truly helping me look professional online."
"You really make me look like I'm somebody..."
"Chris, we keep looking back at our photos almost everyday."

When I can hear those types of responses (overly-dramatic or not:)), then I know I've done my job.

Alright? Let's connect!


Christopher Ellington
Danbury, CT
+1 203 395 0007

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